The Veda Mission Our mission is our passion. At Veda Juice, we help you combine a busy life with a healthy life by offering nutritious and delicious salads, breakfast bowls, juices, and smoothies. We offer the health-conscious consumer refreshing drinks, foods, and snacks that are nutrient-rich and derived from 100% natural fruits, vegetables, and grains. Our menu is loaded with satisfying, great tasting, simple, and affordable choices that will help to rejuvenate and enrich your body any time of the day.

Juice is the core of our menu, but we know that healthy people want more, so we provide a wide assortment of other hearty and nutritious foods and snacks for anyone wanting great taste and convenience while on the go.

We believe a good balance of juice and natural, fiber-rich foods will lead you to join us on our mission to get everyone in our community stepping up to a healthier life.

The Veda Concept The Vedic scriptures are the spiritual literature of the ancient Indian culture. These scriptures are like a staircase with many steps that lead to a higher goal. This was the inspiration for our tag line, “Step Up To A Healthier Life". The owners and founders of Veda Juice are committed to building a brand that is all about inspiring the community to embrace a healthy lifestyle in a way that is both approachable and great-tasting. Veda Juice offers consumers that inspiration.

Meet The Owners Lisa Martinez and Jackie Greene are deeply passionate about their community. Having both been impacted by cancer in their lives, they feel very strongly about educating others on the benefits of juicing and maintaining a healthy diet while doing so. “It is all about helping the customer understand why juicing can change your life.” We want our customers to become educated consumers on the nutritional values of our juices. When you walk into Veda Juice, we want you to feel like you are part of our family. We truly care and want you to “Step Up To A Healthier Life.”